Timber Sales Guide

Land with Timber Can be a Very Valuable Asset


Land and timber, even when independent of the other both have value. Sometimes when land with timber on it sells, the new owner will harvest some or all of that timber and make enough money to pay for his new investment. When this sort of thing happens, it is easy to say that the buyer knew something that the seller did not. The buyer knew what he or she was looking for and the seller did not know what they were selling.


If you are buying or selling, or are an agent for someone that is, then you need to have special knowledge or both land and timber. Like land, different types of timber will have different values, and you need to know what the values are. Land that has scattered timber might not be worth much, but other timber might be a very valuable asset. If you have land that has thick timber and is somewhat close to a mill, you will have very valuable ground, it could sell for more than $10,000 per acre or maybe more.


When you decide to buy or sell land that has timber you need to know the value of the timber. As a buyer you could use the standing timber to pay of some of your investment, or you might choose to turn it into an immediate profit. When entering the timber sales market, you can speak with a forestry-land consultant to get some good advice. Like many resources, different sides will often value the timber at different prices. Other resources that deal with this same issue is gold, silver, and even fresh water. Visit timber sales western ny to learn more.


Buyers and sellers each should be educated on the value of timber as well as the cost it takes to harvest said timber. There are procedures that will determine the value of the timber, the buyer and the seller should both know this procedure. If you do not know the procedure then a agent or broker should be able to help in this situation. Some of the things that you need to know are how to read a map, measure acreage, inventory timber, know the uses of the timber, and figure the market value.


As you know by know, there are different forms and types of timber. Brokers, buyers and sellers that are involved in this kind of real estate should know the different types and the sales that are available for each type of timber and how they work. There are computer programs that will determine the growth and the yield of timber, this information is especially important to agents and brokers so they can better serve their clients. Please check out http://www.futureforestinc.com/timber-sales/ if you have questions.